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Replica shops often suggest giving a fake Chanel bags, watches or jewelry as gifts. Online replica outlets regularly try to instill the gift giving idea into shoppers minds by saying that giving someone a replica is perfect gift for the holidays and birthdays. Some shops reason that a replica purse is a sign of status, and that for a 90% discount from the original in price, a replica would be an exceptional buy.

Think again. It is quite possible that a replica as a gift may not be well received. Here are some of the many reasons why.

First, replica Chanel products are illegal. Many laws regarding intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting are broken when a replica is produced and sold. A replica given as a gift actually means giving someone an illegal item.

Second, the replica industry is often noted to be deep-rooted within activities of crime syndicates. Giving a replica as a gift could mean giving a person an illicit product originating from criminal sources.

Moreover, a replica is often of low quality. Within just a few wearings, or many times within the first use, a replica could look shabby and begin to fall apart. Getting a gift for someone that will not look great or function is not a good gift at all.

To avoid giving a gift associated with crime and lack of quality, it is best to refuse to give a replica to someone as a gift.

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