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Why should we avoid buying Chanel replicas at online discount outlets? assured the customer that the online replica purchases were secured over 3 tiers. Savvy shoppers would use caution when considering purchasing a pair of replica Chanel sunglasses or a fake Chanel purse. A wise and wary online shopper would not place trust in websites that sell replicas. People engaged in replica and counterfeit trafficking are often linked to further criminal activity such as tax fraud, identity theft, and even terrorism. Giving away money to counterfeiters, by purchasing replica Chanel products, may lead to the funding of more crimes. If a consumer wants to make the right choice, refuse any interaction with replica dealers and stay with the the genuine.

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Previously Replica031 was an online store selling replica Chanel handbags and watches. To prevent the previous owners of this shopping website from continuing to take further advantage of the public, legal action ensued. As a result of this action, a Federal Court ordered the replica Chanel online shop to be closed permanently and the domain name transferred over to CHANEL's control and ownership. The Court also ordered the previous owners and operators of the Replica031 online outlet to pay CHANEL over $500,000.00 in damages.